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About us

Our history

EDP founded in 2009 as one of the spin-out venture of AIST Japan. Semiconducting devices are candidate future application of diamond and large wafer would be a material of such application. The technology developed in AIST has potential to develop such material. Since then, EDP is developing mass-production technology for volume application and novel shaped single crystals.

Message from president

Fujimori N.

Diamond is not only “Lady’s best Friend” but also superior industrial material to be applied in various field. Single crystal diamond was limited several mm particle 10 years before but you can obtain 25x25mm planner crystal now. This change may create novel applications which diamond’ superior characteristics would be used. It would be my happiness to contribute for such innovation and my 30 years career is helpful for your development.

Naoji Fujimori / President

Company profile

Corporate Name EDP corporation 
Founded September 2009
Headquarter 6-3, 4-chome Kamishinden, Toyonaka, Osaka 5600085, Japan
Product Single crystal diamond and related products
Capital ¥183.75M(since Sep. 2017)
Head count 27


Fujimori N. Have many experiences on diamond products since 1980. He was a division director in Sumitomo Electric Ind. and was a director in the national institution. He commercialized world first product of diamond made by CVD method.
Takagishi H. He joined in EDP from 2011 and is chief of the executive section.
Kitashiro K. Was CEO of IBM Japan and the top of IBM. He was a chairman of Japan Association of Corporate Executives between 2004-07. He experienced many global businesses and have many human links.
Kamo M. Discoverer of microwave plasma CVD method. He managed a national institute. He have many knowledge on diamond.
Yoshida K.  


EDP Corporation

4-6-3, Kamishinden, Toyonaka-shi, Osaka, 560-0085, Japan TEL:+81-6-6170-3871

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EDP Corporation

4-6-3, Kamishinden, Toyonaka-shi, Osaka, 560-0085, Japan TEL:+81-661703871