Tool blank

Tool blank

Specification of tool blank

  • Long edge <10mm for mono-crystal, Long edge < 25mm for mosaic crystal
  • Thickness: between 0.05mm and 2.5mm
  • Tolerance of laser cutting : +0.2mm、-0.0mm/
    • Tolerance of thickness : -0.0mm  Round, triangle or other shape can be fabricated with your requirement.
  • Regular 6 faces are (100) and off angel of around 3°
  • 2 point crystal can be supplied with the width shorter than 3mm.
  • The roughness of side wall cut by laser is rougher than 10μm.
    • Top and bottom face are lift off surface, Ra<few μm, and as grown surface, Ra>10μm.

Cutting tool using long blank

Cutting tool using long blank

Rotation cutting tool having the long edge of 12mm length. This blank was made from large mosaic crystal and having boundary. However, this boundary dose not affect either on the edge formation nor cutting performance.

Variation of tool blank

TN33A 3x3x1.0mm
TN33A 3x3x1.0mm
Popular size for applying cutting the case of smart phone or mobile computer. Aluminum alloy is used for reducing the weight and single crystal blank is used as for making mirror surface. EDP's products are stable and homogenious.
TN133A* etc. 12.5x3x1.0mm
TN133A etc. 12.5x3x1.0mm
Long edge tool blanks, only EDP can supply. Deep hole or thick material can be cut using of one edge. Fine surface can be obtained for aluminum alloy, cupper or plastics. Brazing of such long blade needs to care on the mather material and brazing condition.
Dresser blank 5x0.6x0.6mm etc.
Dresser blank 5x0.6x0.6mm etc.
EDP is fabricating dresser blank having the thickness from 0.3mm to 1mm. EDP is fabricating planer crystals which is beneficial to produce these blanks.

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