Optical window

Optical window

Window having the demension of 18mmφx50μm
Diamond has high transmission characteristics of X-ray or light.
Thinner plate 100μm is possible to supply even for 25x25mm
Thinner plate 100μm is possible to supply even for 25x25mm. As the deposition of diamond is epitaxial growth, no curl can be observed. One face may be polished for such thin plate.

To be applied for widow or heat spreader

EDP's diamond have not only harder but also higher thermal conductivity than natural diamonds. Using of high thermal conductivity, diamond is used for stabilizing of operation temperature of high power laser diode. Thin plate is enough for such application and the price of thin spreader have competitive against other heat spreading material. EDP can supply large area plate and such novel material would create novel application.

Metallization for heat spreader

EDP is supplying two kinds of metallization such as Au/Pt/Ti and Au/TiN/Ti. The thickness of each layer would be as your request. Brazing material is also put on, such as Au-Sn, Pb-Zn etc. Pattern metallization is possible for rough pattern or precise patten.

Metallization for heat spreader

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