Fabrication Technology

Growth of single crystal diamond from vapor is performed by using single crystal diamond as the seed. EDP is holding 10x10mm single crystal and can fabricate as the same size crystal by using of lift off procedure. Seeds may recycle and the cost of production is less expensive.

Our fabrication technology

  • 1. Large and pure single crystal diamond made by CVD method
  • 2. Planner crystal made by lift off procedure mass-productly
  • 3. Large mosaic crystal, two or more mono-crystals jointed

Fabrication procedure in EDP

Less total fabrication cost than using particle crystal.
Single crystal diamond can grow on single crystal substrate, seed, and substrate and grown crystal may combine without any boundary. In order to place some kind of interface, ion implantation is perform from the surface. This make defect layer just blow the surface and electro-chemical etching is applied to lift off the grown layer from seed crystal. This procedure makes planer single crystal after lift off. Planer shape is easy to fabricate required products just cutting by laser. The fabrication cost of products after growth is less than the fabrication from particle shape and the products price may be reduced. EDP is supplying products having quite wide rage thickness between 30μm and 3mm.

Fabrication procedure of large mosaic crystal

Lift off procedure contribute large mosaic crystal and the boundaries are mostly invisible.
We call large plate binding 2 or more crystals as “mosaic crystal”, which is simular as “tile”. Over growing of 2 or more single crystal, which crystal orientation are the same as(100), make jointed crystals. However, the interface could be significant boundary, looks black, using crystals having different growth history, method or lot. On contrast, lifting off 2 or more crystals from the same seed by our procedure, those crystal are brothers, twin, triplet etc. Placing such 2 or more crystals side by side and perform over growth on them. This procedure results large mosaic plate with very fine boundaries, mostly invisible. EDP was commercialized 1 inch wafer, 25x25mm and plans to develop 2 inch wafer which would be promising material for device application of diamond.

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