EDP may supply large crystals which you can not obtain in natural and HTHP single crystals.
Maximum mono crstal edge length 10mm
Maximum mosaic crystal 25x25mm
Less expensive and more stable properties than other single crystals
low impurity concentration, inclusion free and sector free
Nitrogen concentration is stably less than 8ppm.
Basically, type of diamond is intermiddiate of Ib and IIa.
Hardness:10000Hv, Thermal conductivity:2000W/mk
Thermal expansion coeff.:1.6x10-6
Electric resistivity : >1x106Ωcm
Basic crystal planes are (100) with the off angle of 3°
(110) or (111) can be supplied with limited size
Thickness variation : from 0.03 to 3.5mm
One face or both face polishing
Regular roughness : Ra<5nm
Fine finishing rough ness : Ra<2nm
Cutting by laser as your required shape
Metallization on the surface is capable by the 3 layer structure such as Au/TiN/Ti and other.

Optical Transparency

Optical Transparency
Transparency of IR region is mostly 100% and absorption in visible and ultraviolet region shown above figure. This absorption makes the color of crystal brownish. Type Ib diamond, containing 200ppm or more nitrogen, is not transparent in the ultraviolet region but our crystal is transparent down wavelength of 225nm, which is the band edge. Diamond is very useful material in high energy density optics even for X-ray or electron beam.

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