Application of single crystal diamond

Expanding of application field

Expanding of application field
Precise Cutting Tool Blank
Tool blanks may applied in precision cutting tool or wear resistant tools. EDP is supplying blanks having the edge length longer than 10mm, which EDP is on;ly one supplier of such blanks. The hardness of EDP's blank is harder than HPHT crystals which results better wear resistance. 2 point crystal, (110) orientation , is also fabricated.
Substrate for device application
Substrate from EDP is the suitable material for researching on diamond semiconducting devices. Maximum size of mono-crystal is 10x10mm and that of mosaic-crystal is 25x25mm. The thickness variation is as wide as from 30μm to3mm. Regular orientation is (100) but (111)and (110) orientation can be supplied. We have two polishing grade such as Ra<5nm and Ra<2nm. You may require various option such as higher quality crystal limiting FWHM, controlling of off angle, B doped epi layer on the substrate etc.
Optical parts
EDP's crystals can be applied in optical parts for UV to far IR. The superior characteristics allow to be exposed for high energy density beam. High transparent window for X-ray can be fabricated by ultra thin plate.
Heat spreader
EDP's crystal has the ideal thermal diffusion coefficient and contribute to protect devices from generated heat.

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